The bible encourages us to pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17) . It should not be something we just do at 5am, 6am or 12 midnight.

Prayer is communion between you and your Heavenly Father. Sharing your life with Him. Worshiping and praising His holy name. Sometimes we can be so rigid. I am not trying to promote laziness, but to keep constant communion going.

Got this from a preacher years a go. Imagine a family announcing, “We are going to have a family conversation at 7pm for an hour.”

At 7pm, everyone assembles in the sitting room. Talking, giggling and sharing their day with each other. An hour passes by and the man of the house says stop! We have finished. But? No! But? No! Let’s talk at 7pm tomorrow. That’s the regular time for talking. But? No!

I don’t think other members of the family will be thrilled about that. We should be able to share our day with each other as we go about the mundane things of life. It should not just be restricted to special times.

This can also be related to our prayer life. Let’s not confine it to just set times in the day, but let’s do it throughout the day. Your drive time. Your commuting time to work. Your walks. These are great opportunities to fellowship with the Father.

Keep in contact with Heaven throughout the day.