Developing true Christian character! Let’s us focus our study on the life of Timothy.

In the book of Acts (Acts 16:1-3), we can see in that Timothy was a second generation Christian convert who’s Father was Greek (Gentile), but his Mother (Eunice) and Grandmother (Lois) were Jewish converts. As believers (who are aware of their responsibilities) they decided to train up their young Son and Grandson in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6), and as we can see he did not depart from that way, (He later rose to become the first Bishop of Ephesus >Esebius AD 325).

Tradition during Timothy’s time would indicate a very Patriarchal society in which the Father would be the one expected to teach the son Godly values, but in this case however, since the father was not a believer it was left to his mother (Eunice) & grandmother (Lois) who having the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit within them imparted the Word of God to this young man (2 Tim 1:4-5; 3:14-15).

As children of God we are charged with the responsibility to teach those entrusted to us and to impart the Word of God to them without fear or favour.

You may be an Uncle, Auntie, Cousin, Grandparent etc, but if you are the one who God has called and given the task to train up our children, especially our youth, then I sincerely pray that you will take up this challenge as Eunice and Lois did.

We can clearly see that as a result of the foundation these great women of God laid in Timothy’s life, Paul the Apostle was able to build on it, when he took the young man under his wings.

Describing him in 1 Corinthians 4:17 as his beloved son, Timothy became one of Paul’s constant companions on his various missionary journeys, and listed as co senders of his letters to the churches in Corinth (2 Corinthians 1:1), Philippi (Philippians 1:1), Colosse (Colossians 1:1) etc. Paul was later able to entrust the Church at Ephesus to his care.

God has placed great responsibilities on our shoulders let us not fail to grasp the opportunity to direct our young children and youth in the ways of the Lord before the enemy gets to them. Children are a heritage from the Lord (Psalms127:3), and so we should place great value on our heritage.
We thank God for these two great women of God who knowing their responsibilities planted the seed and the fruit of that seed became one of the giants of the early church.

In conclusion as we do not know what the fruit of our labour will be, let us diligently and faithfully sow into the life of our young children and our youth, and God will give the increase.